5 Smart Tips to Dramatically Increase Your Writing Income

Most of the time, it’s a silly question to ask a freelance writer if they want to increase their writing income.

The trick is to know which method will be the most effective. While skill certainly counts, it’s important to have a tool chest that increases profits.

So where do you find these and what kind of investment is required?

1. Set up your web pages

Successful writers set up web pages, with some of their best work. They drive people to their sites, and let the readers choose whether or not they need some writing done.

The most successful writers that are consistently making a killing are getting contacted by their clients, not the other way around.

While developing your page, don’t miss out on the Genesis Framework. This rock solid platform allows you to customize your layout and content in an engaging style.

By using a theme as supportive as this, your income levels will raise because you have more time to focus on content rather than design.

2. Optimize your content writing

You can create content that reflects the personality of your page and your company, but how do you increase your writing income with it?

You need traffic and that means people have to know your page exists.

By using a service like Scribe SEO, you can get assistance in turning a mediocre piece of content into a search engine powerhouse.

There are various reasons why a certain post gets more attention and these professionals can help you identify them right away.

Not only will they teach you about the more pertinent topics, but they can help you tailor your language using terms that are familiar to the search engine algorithms.

This will help you get more social media attention including Facebook likes, Twitter shares and Google+ favorites.

Each of these items work together to increase your bottom line and expand your target audience. The more exposure you have, the more leads you’re going to get and the more clicks your ads and content posts are going to receive.

3. Trendy means money

If you’re current and are paying attention to subjects readers are seeking out, then you’re automatically going to receive more search traffic.

Again, more hits equals more money in your pocket and this in turn will help you receive more jobs.

As more readers become familiar with your style and reconcile it with their own, they will start to send you freelance opportunities. Once you have these requests in hand, you can pick and choose those you want to complete.

By providing quality articles under their requested guidelines, you’ll gain a list of satisfied clients. They in turn will share your contact information with others seeking work from reliable, consistent writers.

Stay on top of the most current trends in the article marketing business and you’ll be a freelancer in demand. This is a great way to start growing your writing income and will lead to more opportunities.

4. Connect with professional groups

If you’re already working online, you’ve probably seen several opportunities for joining freelance groups. Some of these are particularly effective at helping you find jobs that would otherwise stay under your radar.

Sign up for their newsletters and you’ll receive invitations for any free webinars as well. Any information you gather from these sources will teach you how to be a better writer.

This increased exposure to many different clients increases your skill level and teaches you how to meet various sets of guidelines.

Take notes from every webinar, every email and every helpful piece of content posted on their site. Each of these is set up to help you recognize problem areas and correct them.

If you use these tips right away, you should receive a higher number of job requests. Free help like this is also good for your bottom line.

Keep in mind any charges for joining these groups are tax deductible. Many writers connect with professionals first and then seek out freelance jobs.

5. Stay in school

Never forget the importance of continuing education. This doesn’t mean paying for college classes or attending writing workshops every other weekend.

It does mean that you should keep a strong reference library on hand and keep errors to a minimum. Clients will fire you if regular errors are made in grammar, spelling and language choices.

Avoid these in your freelance gigs and your writing income will increase simply because of your standard of excellence. Word travels when you provide a reliable level of quality.

Educate yourself as a writer first and you’ll be able to see a jump in your writing income quickly and easily.

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