How to Write Stellar Content That Your Readers Will Love

If you run a website or blog, you have probably heard the advice that stellar content is the best way to bring in passionate readers, and this tip is widely shared for a reason:

It works!

Too many website owners focus on optimizing their site or blog for search engines, but this is only half the battle.

Boring content will turn away readers as soon as they land on your page, and you will lose these readers so fast that it will make your head spin.

Are you passionate and knowledgeable?

The best way to write truly stellar content is to focus on a topic that you are both passionate and knowledgeable about.

If your blog or website is about a topic that you don’t know much about or something that you don’t have a passion for, it will be difficult for you to write interesting content that your readers will truly enjoy.

Your articles will seem dry, boring and stilted, and your readers will quickly catch on to the fact that you are attempting to trick them.

This will turn your readers away from your blog, and you will have a difficult time maintaining loyal readers.

Even the best SEO might bring these readers to your website, but they will quickly become disinterested in your boring content, and they will more than likely leave your site, never to return.

If you write about topics that you are truly interested in, stellar content will come naturally.

For instance, if you are more interested in dogs than investing, you should write about as many dog-related topics that come to your mind.

Even if the topic does not seem to be in demand, you will be surprised by how many loyal readers will return to your website or blog time and time again because they will come to expect stellar content from you.

Put a new spin on things

Another way to guarantee that your blog content is truly above average is to attempt to put a new spin on things.

The Internet is full of articles about a variety of topics; repeating the same things that have been written over and over is a sure-fire way to bore your readers into quickly exiting your site.

If you are writing about a common topic that has been discussed over and over again, try to shed a different light on the topic.

Adding your personal experience or your personal opinion gives your site something unique that other pages do not have.

Are you listening to your readers?

For stellar blog content that is tailored specifically for your audience, make sure to always listen to your readers.

Providing a space for reader comments, if properly monitored, can provide you with plenty of free advice on how to write the perfect content for your readers.

Notice the difference between articles that are well-received and those that have little or no comments, and try to implement your most well-receiving writing style into your new content.

Take a look at the comments that your readers have on these subjects, and consider writing content that looks into these subjects in a more in-depth way.

Taking a look at the comments that are left by your readers can also help to give you inspiration when you are dealing with a bit of writer’s block, and you will know that this content is something that your readers are actually interested in.

Writing stellar content is a skill that doesn’t necessarily develop overnight, but following these tips can help you to develop your writing skills so that you can write some of the best web content out there.

You do not have be a professional writer, and you do not even have to be highly educated in order to write excellent web content that your readers will love.

How’s Your stellar content going?

What are your thoughts about it? How strategic are you about your content creation?

Let us know about your experiences in the comments …


  1. Some wise words indeed and a nicely written post.

    We are awash with lightweight trivial content online with some of it acting as poor bait to lure people into signing up for the latest snake oil scheme. Drives me mad as a marketer, author and writer of all manner of communications!

    Compelling, reader driven, genuinely interesting, insightful and relevant content can move the most hardened of minds and flick the switch. If you can write your web content standing on both sides of the counter at once you will be successful. Don’t write to sell in some mechanical clunky format under the cosh of key words. Instead write to engage, build dialogue, interest, inspire, motivate and enthuse. Move folk along the continuum of behaviour into action and the sales will ensue.

  2. Justin Mazza

    So true Dragan, I have written well over 200 posts on my blog and not all of them have been stellar per se. My most popular topics are the paranormal ones. Maybe I need to start writing more of them. :)

  3. “Even the best SEO might bring these readers to your website, but they will quickly become disinterested in your boring content, and they will more than likely leave your site, never to return.”

    Thank you, thank YOU, THAHNK YOU, Dragan, for pointing this one out. Excellent point which I keep on hammering in my posts. When you market SEO tools (as I do at the moment for one of the companies I work for) you are inevitably dealing with people who treat SEO as an end-all and completely miss the big picture when starting to create content themselves. As if SEO replaces expertise, research, layout, spellchecks and all the thought process that goes into blogging. It’s no wonder then that when I stumble upon such posts I yelp: “someone, please kill SEO right now!”

    Great work, Dragan!

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