4 Ways to Write Excellent SEO Friendly Content

Creating SEO content that resonates with your audience determines how large of an Internet presence you ultimately have.

Writing excellent material is not just desired, but required to maintain a strong foundation.

Not only does content affect your blog traffic, but it also determines how often the material is shared.

So how do you make sure your writing is relevant to the times?

1. Creative thinkers only need apply

Obviously, you need to pay attention to the current trends.

Understanding what people are looking for at the time and filling that need will ensure immediate responses.

However, you also have to formulate those blog posts in an attractive and engaging manner. You can have the greatest information on the web, but if you present it as dry toast, not many people are going to read and/or benefit from it.

2. Stuffing is for Thanksgiving

Understanding SEO content means you use the same language and terms the audience is searching for. When they pull up results, your blog posts will be ranked higher by the search engines because you included the right words and tags.

Building a post and writing SEO content around these terms needs to be done creatively and thoughtfully though, so you’re not labeled as a keyword stuffer by the search engines.

If their algorithm identifies this, the search engines will penalize you in their results.

3. Networking with giants

Along with your material, include links to more established sites. These other blogs or authority sites will have an established audience and rank higher with the search engines, thereby giving your page a digital boost.

As you include these links, it increases your audience as well because the larger sites are more likely to link back to your article.

This kind of mutual admiration is only effective if you link to successful pages though, especially when you’re just starting out.

4. Evergreen is not just for Christmas

Remember that your content needs to be evergreen. Clearly, when you’re putting a post together, there is a current topic on your mind.

However, the trick is to combine this current subject with evergreen material that will always be sought out.

That kind of approach ensures that your blog post is never out of date, even if your main inspiration is no longer a point of concern with your audience.

An example of this is the latest update from Google. If you write a post specifically about how to deal with that one Google update, that post may no longer be relevant later on.

However, if you write about how to deal with updates in general and how to stay on top of the market, this information will always be needed by your readers.

The more you develop SEO content for your site, the more efficiently you’ll identify topics. You’ll also write your posts using relevant and engaging combinations.

If you have some ideas on how to create friendly search engine content, then please share them below.

We’d love to hear what worked for your site and what your readers enjoy the most!

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