Why a Rat is Still Smarter than Google?

I like to say that SEO content and good ranking at search engines like big Google is only half the battle for driving more passionate readers.

So what would be the another half?

Writing stellar piece of content is something that spins the hole online wheel.

When we think of Google we imagine the great technology, reading human minds or even artificial intelligence.

Is Google really that smart?

A rat is smarter than Google and that’s no dig at Google
– Yann LeCunn and Josh Tanenbaum, scientists researching on artificial intelligence

The two scientists spoke on The world festival of Science in New York, after the premiere of “The Creator: Alan Turing and the Future of Thinking Machines”, a fantastic movie about the visionary of the artificial intelligence, Alan Turing in his 40’s and 50’s.

The Galactic encyclopedia known as Google is brilliant in many ways – because of the huge amount of informations that it can absorb and sent back as answer on almost any question asked.

“However, that’s rote, without understanding”, says LeCunn, professor of Computer Science on the NYCU.

According to him, in relation to computer skills, even the most powerful computers in the world are just approaching to computer skills of insects.

“I would be happy if during my lifetime they would build a machine that would be so intelligent as a rat”, he said.

Some of the unbelieveble stuff that Google can do, such as determine driving directions or measuring the distance, in just seconds, uses only basic types of intelligence called simple scheduling.

“That’s very simple”, says Tanenbaum, professor of Computer Science on MIT. “That’s not called artificial intelligence anymore. Simply, it’s just called Google.”

The real intelligence, according to them, is not only memory, but the use of something you’ve learned, to understand the situations that you have not experienced, yet.

Is Google relevant to Your online business?

How much effort you put in your SEO content? What you do first: keyword research or content? Share your thinking and experiences in the comments below.


  1. I personally don’t do keyword research. I just write about the topic I feel like writing about and then use relevant keywords within the article, naturally, not forced. I know lots of people say to do keyword research, but I prefer to just write quality content and not worry about the search engine. Write good blog posts and the rest will take care of itself. Content is King, lol 😉

    • Thanks Lisha for stopping by. I noticed on your blog you show the stats about traffic one per week. Are you using google analytics, webhosting or something third as your source?
      And yes we’re definitely connected when it comes to content 😉

      • Yeah I am posting my stats for another blog I’m writing for that I started in November 2011. It’s my blog case study to kind of show how you can build a successful blog within a year. It’s doing pretty good so far, but the last two month I’m not too happy with, lol! 😉

  2. I am curious what these same researchers think of Google Translate, which I understand at least claims to use other translations to “learn” how to translate new material. In my experience, it isn’t as good as even a novice learner of a language, though it can be helpful in reminding one of the meanings of words. And it is utterly hopeless when it comes to languages that have cases, like German or Latin. I wonder when we will see better automated translation products?

    Thanks for an interesting post!

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