How Blog Design Affects Your Business

How blog design affects your business

Blog design affects your online business in a wide variety of ways. It’s important to look at several key factors when choosing the right design for your blog.

A design which appeals to visitors can leave a more positive and long lasting impression, ultimately building credibility.

Take a few moments to consider which elements of design significantly improve your business.

Customization makes the difference

The ability to have a customizable design for your blog can make a big impact on business. Many sites are created quickly using standardized themes and layouts with limited options.

While this might get your blog up and running fast, you are missing out on having the freedom to customize several critical elements of the site and make it your own.

Options to customize fonts, background colors, choose layouts, and create unique navigational menus will allow you to stand out among other websites.

Many customizable blog themes incorporate a variety of widgets and plugins which accent both usability and appearance.

Having a unique blog header with an appealing customized image is another great way to stand out.

There are countless blogs created with the same design based on a standard theme, lacking a degree of uniqueness and creativity. Creating a customized blog design will help move your business in the right direction.

Content is still the king

It’s amazing how many websites underestimate the power of writing one powerful piece of content.

Incorporating highly focused and relevant topics into your unique design will do wonders for your business.

If you create a nice looking design but don’t provide quality content, your site will most certainly lack interest and in turn hurt your business.

Essential parts of significant content should include:

  • creative titles
  • relative keywords
  • web optimized images
  • internal links

It should be a goal to capture the interest of your readers as quickly as possible.

A very good design will include this type of information to help build relationships with potential customers and keep your current customers interested.

Displaying good content in an easy to read format is extremely important. Information should be current, relevant, and helpful for readers.

A great design accompanied with informative content has the power to make a memorable experience and leave a positive impression.

Mobile friendly blog design

The increasing popularity of internet use via tablets and various mobile devices fuel the need for websites to offer a mobile friendly blog design.

Blogs that are created with mobile users in mind have a competitive edge among fellow business owners.

Readability is of utmost importance when choosing a design, simply because those viewing your blog on a mobile device will want to view information quick and easy.

Mobile responsive design should be created to best suit each user’s browsing environment.

Having a blog that is mobile friendly will simply allow your site to detect what type of device is being used, such as a Smartphone.

Your content will be displayed accordingly, offering an appropriate layout to enhance viewing experience.

Incorporating these key elements of blog design during the creation of your site will most certainly have a positive impact on your business.

Do you think web design has big impact on your online business? Who is your favorite theme provider or designer?

Share your experiences and suggestions below in the comments.


  1. Justin Mazza

    Hi Dragan,
    There is a site but I can’t remember the URL now that allows you to see what your site looks like on a mobile phone. I had never even thought of that until I read a post about the importance of a clean look for someone viewing your site using a mobile application.

    • Hi Justin,
      It is called mobile responsive design and it’s completely a change in your thinking.

      The web has moved beyond the desktop, and it’s not turning back.
      -Ethan Marcotte, Responsive Web Design

      Some big names like Sony have gotten on the responsive web design train, and every list of web trends have responsive design as the de facto standard trend for 2012. You can read more what makes good responsive design.

      It’s certainly something to think about.

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