How to Create Content That Converts

Ebook: How to Create Content That ConvertsBrian released the third ebook I was waiting about creating content that converts.

I’ve enjoyed reading it because this ebook can change the way you describe convert. And if you do, then you maybe change the content creation tactics you’re currently using.

What I’m going to say right now may surprise you but convert doesn’t have to mean sell.

Why in the world would you spend time writing content if it’s not going to help you sell anything and make money?

As marketers, we use words like user, visitor, client, prospect, customer, and reader to describe the people who come to our websites. See what I did there?

Ultimately, they’re people. Just like you, they have thoughts, ideas, opinions, and emotions. If you’re not trying to tap into those things with the content you create, you’re missing the mark. In fact, you’re not even close to the target.

Content creation alone is not enough, no matter how much people like it. In other words, you need to create content that works as marketing.

In the 19-page How to Create Content that Converts, Brian talks about:

  • The 5C Approach to Content Creation
  • How to Shape the Story that People Tell About You
  • Why You Need an Enemy, and How to Find the Right One
  • The Secret to True Jedi Marketing Tricks
  • What Apple and Subway Can Teach You About Effective Content
  • How to Be a Heroic Content Marketer

As previous two, this ebook is ideal for reading over a cup of coffee – so take a little of your time and grab your free copy here.

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